Plumbers from J. Jodoin possess the tools and expertise to inspect your piping system, unclog your sewer drain, as well as clean and repair your entire sewer system.



Sewer system repairs, cleaning and maintenance

Your sewer system is a primary part of your home. It provides a secure way for dirty water to the septic tank or your collective sewerage system. When it does not function properly or when it is damaged, there is a high probability that problems will occur. Our plumbers can repair, clean and make regular maintenance on your sewerage systems. We have the necessary tools needed to proceed with the repairs efficiently.

We can:

  • Unclog and clean your sewer system with a plumbing rooter and a pressure machine
  • Inspect and identify breaks in the pipes with the help of a camera
  • Dig up and excavate the piping


Backflow Preventer : Preventing a disaster

The backflow preventer, also called the Anti-expulsion system, is usually mandatory for any home with a basement or apartment located on basement level. An annual examination of the backflow valves is also greatly recommended to make sure there is nothing wrong with your piping and keep them in top condition.

Plomberie J. Jodoin holds the certification to verify the anti-expulsion systems, we can verify your installations to make sure that you are conform to the new standard which came into effect on January 1st, 2007.

Sewer Backflow : Signs of the problem

You need to be aware of what is going on in your home to prevent any damage that could affect it. You can easily identify the signs of a sewer backflow without being an expert. When you think you have identified what could be a backflow problem, you will need to take action swiftly to make sure the problem does not spread to other part of the building.

  • Audible “gurgle” sounds coming from the kitchen sink, toilet or bathroom sink
  • A stench or foul odor similar to rotten eggs can be noted near the drain.
  • A puddle of water surrounding the drain or the pipes
  • When you use one of your appliance that needs your piping system, another of your appliance will emit a gurgle sound. For example, when you use the kitchen sink, it causes a backflow in your bathroom sink.

When this kind of event happen, it is very important to contact your plumber. We will be able to identify the cause of the backflow and take care of the problem quickly to prevent any additional problem.

The answer to sewer backflow : A certified professional plumber

With the help of a professional plumber like Plomberie J. Jodoin, you can have the peace of mind that your sewer system is reliable and durable. Furthermore, our customer service will make sure to give you the best service possible to support the work of our plumbers. You can easily plan regular appointments for the maintenance of your backflow valves and anti-expulsion systems.

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