Maintenance and repair


Our qualified plumbers make the corresponding installation of all your plumbing accessories and devices. Plomberie J. Jodoin offers a maintenance and repair service for plumbing equipments in Montreal.  We always strive to maintain the higher standards a very level of our work, while always making sure our clients are satisfied.

Experienced plumbers for a spotless job

A plumber does not limit himself to piping repairs, he also has a prevention work to do to prevent water damage. Preventing cost a lot less that actually repairing. Because when something breaks in your piping, it usually causes a bigger mess than a simple break. Professional plumbers of J. Jodoin will not stop the inspection at a simple visual check-up, they will also do much much like:

  • Cleaning the area - Remove rust, dust, dirtiness and debris that may damage the piping
  • Sanitize and desinfect the area
  • Replacing or repairing risky pipes (pipes with cracks, weakening of connections, etc.)

Full range of plumbing services

If you are looking for a proferssional plumber in Montreal that will do a complete job to make sure your piping are properly repaired and safe, Plomberie J. Jodoin is the team you should look for. Our qualified plumbers can carry out the task of installing every accessories or devices related to your piping:

  • Repair and\or replacement of water pipes or dismissal
  • Repair or replacement of faucet, toilets,baths or kitchen sink
  • Repair or replacement of hot water tanks, electric or gas
  • Repair or redoing water entry
  • Installation of dishwasher or food disposer
  • Installation of submersible pump

An Emergency ?

Our emergency plumbing service is available 24/7 to repair your pipings and stop any water leaks from your plumbing systems. For any emergency regarding your pipes or plumbing system, contact us without delay !

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