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We can repair or make maintenances works on any heating system working with electricity, gas or oil, like plinth heater and radiators. Our team can install and connect gas-powered appliances like furnaces, cooker and fireplace.

Water Heating Systems

Water heating systems, that are also called hydronic heating, can use oil (fuel oil), gas or electricity to function, depending of the boiler you choose. Normally, a water heating system will have the best energy efficiency with electricity as its main energy source, but here is a lot more to consider when you choose which system to use.

J. Jodoin can help you with a lot of different needs:


Maintenance of heating system

Radiant heating systems do not need a lot of maintenance. You will need to verify your equipments each 2 or 3 year, but your frequency can depend with your specific situation. However, a break in your water heating system will cause a lot of damages to your property. An experienced plumber can perform a safety check and will make sure that your heating system is working in the most ideal conditions. The plumber will also clean the area of your heating system.


Heating system repair

A break on a water heating system bring a lot of problems with it. Usually, those are not really good for your home. Give the task of repairing it to a professional plumber and he will be able to make sure that it is safe again. You will be able to benefit from your water heating system without any risk for your house.


Installing a new water heating system

If you need to change your current heating system for hydronic heating, Plomberie J. Jodoin can carry out any work to do in your home to replace your current heating system for a water heating one. Our experts can also explain the benefits of every system are compared to one another, and options that are within your reach.

Replace your oil tank or boiler

There is a possibility that your oil tank or boiler may need to be replaced, because of a lack of maintenance or because an accident prevents it from working properly. The plumber will then verify if he can repair your equipment so that it can function normally. If the repair is not 100% reliable, then the plumber will determine that it needs to be changed.


Maintenance of old heating systems

Plumbing experts of J. Jodoin are qualified to give you a professional service for your gas or water heating system. Old water heating systems may seem outdated, especially in old houses. However, these systems have aged a lot better than you may think. If you have the chance to have one of these, you should make sure to keep it and maintain it since it is very valuable to have in your home.

A lot of it thanks to its constant, comfortable and safe heat, but also because those system can last more than 100 years. You only have to make regular checkups and maintenance, as recommended by your plumber or electrician.

For any of these service, you can ask your plumber’s opinion that will be able to tell your advantages of every kind of heating system and its energy sources. Contact us now!

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