For the last few years, we have been offering the excavation service. You need to replace your old water inlet pipe or to reflect on your main sewer. We can now assist you with this project.

A professional in a backhoe and an employee with a shovel who performs an excavation in front of a residential building

Backhoe that deposits soil on a pile

Do you have a lead water inlet?

Most of the buildings constructed before 1970 have lead water inlets. Over the years, lead eventually dissolves in drinking water and can arm the health of some people when consume.

How to recognize a lead service inlet :

Find the water inlet valve and look at the hose. If it's lead :

  • It will be grey
  • When hit, it will not resonate
  • It will leave metallic marks when scratched
  • It will not attract a magnet

Dirty sewer pipe filled with soil and roots

Do you have sewer backups?

We can start with a camera view of your sewer and give you a straight answer concerning the state of your main sewer.

Your sewer is collapsed, damaged by many roots or has many anomalies, our team is ready to answer all your questions and will provide you with a quote for the excavation that will solve all of your concerns.

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