Plomberie J.Jodoin in Montreal: our team of plumbers is the definition of excellence!

Contractor specialized in plumbing serving the southwest of Montreal and the surroundings for both residential and commercial.

Member of the Corporation of master’s mechanics plumber of Quebec and the Régie du bâtiment du Québec.

Our experienced team is at your service for any repair, maintenance or modification of your installations of plumbing or heating system.

We are also able to help you in all your projects of plumbing renovation in Montreal.


Residential Plumbing

Residential plumbing jobs can be a lot more complex than it seems. There is a great variety of appliances in your home that will use your pipings for water supply and even other functionality. There is also a large quantity of residential blocks that are not necessarily adapted to today's standards and needs. For your residential plumbing, there is a great variey of job that needs to be done by a professional plumber, like these ones :

  • Replacement and repair of your piping network
  • Plumbing for your home renovation
  • Dishwasher setup and installation
  • Installation of the water dispenser in the fridge
  • Water heater maintenance
  • Intervention on water heating system or gas heating system

Whether it is to do an update of your appartment block or to adapt your home to the new needs in residential water supply, for a repair or an inspection by a professional team of plumbers, Plomberie J. Jodoin Montreal has the expertise to help you!


Commercial Plumbing

Commercial spaces will undergo a lot of changes to adapt to the ever changing needs of the industry. Knowing that, it is possible that your commercial building may need the service of a professional plumber in the Montreal area. Whether it is to replace outdated piping, renovation works that need a complete change of the layout of the building or even a simple inspection or repair, you should entrust the work to Plomberie J. Jodoin!


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